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Friday, April 5, 2013

Makeup Organization and Storage Solutions

If you're a makeup junkie like me you have tons of products with limited space for storage. What is a girl to do? Throw away products you love? Stop buying new products? Never! The key is to get organized and store your makeup so that you maximize space. Here are some tips I've found that have really helped me:
Buy cute containers: Containers like the ones above from the Container Store (I know, they have pictures of shoes and clothes in them but they would work great for makeup too!) are great for organizing and storing your makeup. If you can see what products you have you'll be more likely to use them! These are cute enough to keep out on your counter tops (if the man or roommate in your life doesn't mind).
Go through your makeup and organize it: I have all of my eye products in one container and all of my face stuff in another. If you have more products and need more drawers you can break it up further by eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras, foundations, tinted moisturizers and bb creams,  blushes and bronzers, lip products, primers, etc. There are endless possibilities as long as you know where stuff is located.

Put your brushes in a cute container too: Don't forget about your brushes. I have mine stored in a decorative metal cup my mom gave me with the brush heads sticking out. It makes it really easy to find the brush I'm looking for and keeps them all in the same place. I also don't worry about them getting dirty or bent in a bag somewhere.
Check your inventory every 3-6 months: I go through my stuff more frequently than every 3-6 months, but find the amount of time that works best for you. I check over my products to see what I'm low on, get rid of what I haven't been using that I probably wont and check for items that have dried out, are expired or stopped working correctly. This lets me maximize my storage space and helps me get rid of old products that I'm not using anymore. My good friend, Kate recently got me the Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit and it's really opened by eyes to how long I hold onto products well after they should be tossed. I don't know about you, but I don't want an infection because I held onto a product for too long -- not worth the risk!
What do you do to keep your makeup organized? Let us know if you try any of the tips above!

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