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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kiehl's Dark Spot Corrector Testing and Review: Part Two

In early June, I posted part one of my review of Kiehl’s Dark Spot Corrector. Click here to read it.

The first positive thing I have to say about the product is that it lasted A LOT longer than I anticipated. Even with going a bit above and beyond the recommended usage, the product lasted until the beginning of July (I bought it in mid-April). That’s just over two and a half months of being able to use it twice daily! I am really impressed. When spending $50 on one skincare item, I want it to be able to use it for a while.

After a few weeks of using the product, I was pretty skeptical. Before I purchased the dark spot corrector, I read a bunch of really positive reviews – some even said the product was a miracle. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t seeing those instant results some reviewers saw. At the time I posted part one of my review, I thought I could see a few signs of improvement but I really wasn’t sure.

So, did it work?

I’m happy to say it absolutely did! Though the spots I wanted to get rid of are not completely gone, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement from the time I began using the serum. My skin tone is a lot more even. What made me realize that the serum had begun to work is the fact that I was using less foundation and concealer to cover those areas. Now that I finished one bottle of the serum, I don’t even need concealer in some areas.

Here are the before and after pictures:

I think the results are especially apparent in the first before and after picture!

Lastly, here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on the product:
  • Easy to use? Yes.
  • Price? Expensive, but worth it.
  • Value? Excellent – lasted much longer than expected.
  • Does it work? Yes, but you may need more than one bottle to completely get rid of dark spots.
  • Would I purchase again? Absolutely.
Have you tried Kiehl’s Dark Spot Corrector? If so, did you have good results? If not, would you consider trying it?

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