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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beauty: Arbonne RE9 Advanced 6 Step Anti-Aging Line & Makeup Primer Review

An old friend of mine who is an Arbonne Independent Consultant recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying out some product samples to review on the blog. Heck yes! She sent me some sample of the RE9 Advanced 6 step anti-aging line as well as the Makeup Primer. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions of the products are my own.

A little about the company taken directly for
At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, innovative scientific discovery, and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind for an integrative approach to beauty. Working closely with scientists around the world and our Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD®) facility in Switzerland, we continually explore and develop scientifically advanced, botanically based proprietary formulas that meet our exacting standards for quality, safety and sustainability.

The products are great for all skin types because they work to balance your PH. Due to how concentrated Arbonne products are you only need to use a very small amount (about the size of a tic tac). This means that the products will last about 4-6 months if you're using them twice a day. So, if you're experiencing some sticker shock by looking at the prices for some of their products, think again -- you're actually spending less than most high-end brands due to how long they will last you!

Another major bonus about the Arbonne line is that the products are formulated in Switzerland where there are very strict laws about what can go into products. They ban about 1100 different ingredients compared to the 11 in the US. The products are vegan certified and are not tested on animals.

The verdict? I LOVED THIS STUFF. After only a day of using the RE9 Advanced line I could really see the difference in my skin and my fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead were already reduced. I couldn't believe it worked that quickly for me! The samples lasted me a lot longer than I expected (about 2 1/2 weeks) due to how concentrated the formula is. I was worried that the 6 steps would get annoying, but honestly because of the great results I was getting, I didn't even notice. What's a few extra minutes to have great skin? I have combination skin (mostly dry though) so it's really hard to find products that work well for me. I was skeptical that these would be the same way but was thrilled to see how well they worked on my skin.

I am currently using the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer (review to come soon!) so the Arbonne makeup primer didn't totally knock my socks off like the RE9 Advanced line did, but it still worked great! It made my makeup smooth and it was so much easier to blend it into my skin. It made my makeup last super long too - which is always a good thing after a long day of work ;)

I highly recommend trying Arbonne products out for yourself. Everyone's skin is different but with the vast amount of product lines the company offers, I'm sure you'll find one that will work for you! Contact Kelly via her Facebook page: to try samples of Arbonne products and to get more information.

Have you tried the Arbonne line yet? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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