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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fashion: Tips for Bargain Shopping

I recently discovered the BEST bargain shopping location ever. Sadly, it's all the way in Arizona (for those of you who live there RUN to Last Chance). When Jay and I were visiting my mom and step-dad she took us to her new favorite place to score a major deal. I was in awe of all of the super low prices however, it wasn't easy to find things I wanted to buy. Here's the thing, when you go to a bargain store, you're usually hunting through racks of clothes and shoes and you might walk away with an item or two if you're lucky. You need to have lot of patience and time but trust me, it's well worth it! 

I usually ask myself if there is anything missing from my wardrobe or if there is anything I've been wanting to add to my collection. During this visit, I wanted some new dresses for the summer and my honeymoon so I went to that section first. I found a ton of dresses to try on (including a wedding dress!) and was excited about the possible options I had. 

Make sure to check ALL of the racks. Even the ones that say they are for a specific size. I found most of my favorite items on the wrong rack! If I didn't take the time to look, I would have never found these great items. A lot of shoppers will find something, walk away from the rack it actually belongs on and for one reason or another put it back. However, they usually put it in the wrong place -- so make sure to check all of the racks! 

It's so worth your time and energy to dig. I found four amazing dresses that cost $12.97 each! I would have never been able to buy these full price at the department store and I couldn't be happier with the ones I found. The black dress on the bottom was previously a contender as a bridesmaids dress (in coral). It was around $150 and we decided to go with different ones. I can't believe I found the exact dress in black for so cheap! And even though the wedding dress that I found would have only been $60, it didn't seem worth it to ship, get altered and cleaned to only wear a few hours during my reception. My original dress is beautiful on its own. :) 

See -- told you it was worth it! Some of my other favorite bargain stores for fashion and beauty products are TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and of course outlet stores. 

Do you like bargain shopping? Do you have any other favorite stores or tips to share? Leave them in the comments! 

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