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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adrianne's Current Workout Routine: Part One

I’ve been lifting weights for quite a while now. In the past few months, particularly in training for the Warrior Dash, I’ve tried to build strength by adding more to my routine and strength training at least four times per week. I’ll share my current strength training routine. Here’s part one broken down by muscle groups:

  • Barbell bench press
  • Low cable chest flyes
  • Chest press machine
  • Cable crossover
  • Push-ups
  • Barbell shoulder press
  • Bent over low-pulley side lateral
  • Side deltoid (barbell) raise
  • Front deltoid (barbell) raise
I typically do four sets of each exercise. Of course depending on the exercise, I use more or less weight and vary the reps. And, I usually work out one major muscle group each time I strength train. Depending on time or my workout schedule for the week I may do two muscle groups. Some combinations I’ve done are back/biceps, chest/triceps and abs/core + any other muscle group.

I’ve noticed a lot more definition in my upper body as a result of the strength training I’ve been doing. My muscles aren’t huge, but I am definitely more toned. I’m happy with my results so far and plan to keep it up.  

Stay tuned for part two! Do you work out your chest and shoulders? What strength training moves do perform?


  1. I admire your routine and strength training. Not all ladies can do your workout routine! For how long have you been doing these workouts? Your muscles are well-toned, and I know that it takes quite some time to achieve such shape. I hope ladies out there will realize that workout is more than just being sexy. Rather, it is about getting into shape the healthy way.

    -Nicolas Ervin

  2. Thanks so much! (Btw, that picture is not of me. Haha!) I've been strength training for a couple of years, but have really been hitting the gym hard for the past few months. It's really true--I definitely had to get over the fear of bulking up.