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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lush Products Review: Ocean Salt and Shine So Bright

On a recent shopping spree I stopped in at Lush and picked up a couple things that I’m really excited to review for you today! 

Lush Ocean Salt

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? I think if you’re unable to hit the beach, using Lush’s Ocean Salt is the next best thing. Ocean Salt is an exfoliating face and body scrub that contains natural ingredients like avocado, coconut, grapefruit, lime, vodka (yup!) and sea salt. Seriously—it’s like a cocktail! The avocado and coconut work to moisturize and soften while the other ingredients help to clear dirt and remove dead skin.

Ocean Salt is a wonderful exfoliator and probably the best face scrub I’ve ever used. It does a great job of cleansing and removing dirt from the skin while getting rid of dry/dead skin cells. I was surprised at how soft my skin felt after my first use. It’s really helped clear up a few breakouts I had as well as improve the overall look and feel of my skin. I usually use exfoliators at night so that I can apply my thicker cream as opposed to lighter day facial lotion. I think that’s a must with this product.

A word of caution with this scrub—it contains very fine and larger pieces of salt. Be careful using it if you have sensitive skin. It could be a little abrasive. Lush’s website says this product is best for those with oily/combination skin, but I’ve had a lot of success with it even though my skin is on the drier side. 

Tip: If you purchase the product, make sure you mix it before the first time you use it. Most of the salt lies on the top of the pot and needs to be blended with the other ingredients.

The scrub is intended to be used for face and body, but because the product is a little pricey I’ve decided I’m reserving it for use on my face and neck. Ocean Salt is available for $21.95 for 4.2 ounces or $35.95 for 8.8 ounces. 

Lush Shine So Bright

If you’ve ever struggled with split ends, Shine So Bright is a balm that can help repair split ends and make hair shine according to the Lush website. Shine So Bright is made with coconut and olive oils, free range eggs and shea butter. The balm is also scented with grapefruit, orange flower, neroli and rosewood perfume. As with a lot of products from Lush, this one is vegetarian.

I bought this product on a whim. I try to take really good care of my hair, but have a few split ends. I deal more with a little bit of breakage from washing, combing, blowdrying and brushing my hair. If you’re expecting a balm like this to completely rid your hair of split ends, your expectations are too high. But, what this product is GREAT at is masking split ends, taming fly-aways and managing frizz. Though the balm won’t magically fix, it certainly will condition and nourish your hair while controlling some common issues.

The balm is a solid product that feels a little waxy. When you run your fingers across the balm, the heat from your skin will soften the product and make it easy to apply to your hair. I’ve found that the best use of this product is use it judiciously to tame frizzy or unruly hair during the day. The product can make hair a little greasy, so really go easy on it if you’ve just styled your hair and are on your way out for the day. If you want to use the product as more of a treatment, apply it to your hair before you go to bed. Make sure to either sleep with your hair in a bun or use something to protect your pillow from any residue.

One added bonus of this product is the scent. Some reviews on the Lush website say the scent is strange or overpowering, but I found it to be the right amount of sweet and floral. For me, it’s not too potent and I couldn’t stop smelling my hair the first time I applied it!

Shine So Bright is available for $9.95 for a 0.3 ounce tin. 

Have you tried anything from Lush? What are your favorite products?


  1. Ocean salt is my favorite!!!! I have the big container of it. I really like the Honey I washed the kids soap. I am a real big fan of Lush products.


    1. We're a big fan of Lush products too! Both Amanda and I are hoping to get our hands on more products from the line to try them out and review them in the future. :)