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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fitness: Full Body 24 minute Bootcamp Workout

I've been beyond busy lately and between work and wedding planning, there hasn't been that much time left to workout. I feel so much better, awake, balanced, have reduced stress, etc. when I'm working out. I need to make it a priority, even if my time is limited. Lately I've been much more efficient with my workouts and get them in my day in 30 minutes or less.

I've done this quick and very effective workout twice now and it's left me a sweaty panting mess. It's only 24 minutes long and is a full body workout. I hope it kicks your butt as much as it does mine!

You'll do 3 sets of burpies and pushups with a minute of rest between each set. Then you'll move on to abs with plank twist and v-ups. Don't rest for more than a minute between each exercise. If you need form cues on any of these moves YouTube is an excellent resource! No matter how good in shape I am, burpies always kick my butt! 

What are your favorite full body exercises? Let us know if you try this in the comments below! 

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