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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vitamins: What You Need and Why

I start my day off the same way each morning. I slowly get out of bed (hello snooze!) and after getting ready (unless it's the weekend and I'm not going anywhere) I make my way down to the kitchen to make my breakfast and take my vitamins. I take a lot of them, but it is what works for me. You may not need nearly as much as I do, but since I don't eat meat I need to supplement a little more. I also take some extras like fish oil and vitamin E for my skin, hair and nails so those could be considered extras too.
Let's take a look and what I take every morning:
1. Vitamin B: Good for overall health. This one vitamin does a ton of amazing things.
2. Vitamin B12: Since I don't eat meat I'm vitamin B12 deficient. This helps ensure I get all the nutrients I need.
3. Vitamin C: Need an extra punch for your immune system? Take vitamin C. It will help you stay healthy during cold and flu season and will ensure your immune system is working at its best.
4. Vitamin D: If I lived somewhere sunny I wouldn't need to take this supplement as the best way to get it is via natural sunlight. However, living in grey Chicago (especially in the winter) calls for an extra dose of this stuff. Feeling a little blue? Take a vitamin D and see how much better you feel. It's crazy but it works!
5. Vitamin E: Want healthy hair, skin and nails? I urge you to give vitamin E a try. It works wonders!
6. Calcium Magnesium: As I'm getting older calcium is extremely important to keep my bones strong. It's never too early to start taking this!
7. Fish Oil: helps lower fat that's stored in your body, can help battle depression, keep your joints healthy and lower your blood pressure. This stuff is awesome.
8. Probiotics: These babies help keep good bacteria in your gut and clean out the bad stuff. They keep you regular (TMI ... sorry). I can tell a HUGE difference when I don't take them. They are magic and I'm so glad I started taking these on a regular basis.
Seems like a lot, doesn't it? Like I said, depending on your diet and nutritional needs you may not need all of these. These are just what work for me. Make sure to check with a doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.
Do you take any of the above? Are there other vitamins you take on a regular basis?

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