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Monday, March 25, 2013

Seven Pieces: Lots of Possibilities

I recently went shopping and picked up some clothes from Old Navy and Target. I’ll be traveling to Florida next month and I wanted some new spring/summer items for my wardrobe. Here’s what I got:

From Target:
  • Chartreuse Pencil Skirt, $22.99
  • Cobalt Blue Hi Low Foldover Maxi Skirt, $17.99 (got for $15.99)
  • Mossimo White Denim Jacket, $29.99
  • Coral Eyelet ¾ Sleeve Shirt, $13 (clearance)

From Old Navy:
  • Green Eyelet Tube Dress, $34.94 (got for 30% off)
  • White Cropped Rib-Knit Cardi, $15 (got for $10)
  • Rockstar Zip-Pocket Skinny Pants, $34.94

(There were a few other things I got, like a t-shirt, socks and nylons, but I’ll leave those out for the purpose of this post!)

One thing I am guilty of, as I’m sure we all are, is getting bored with the clothes I have. I’ll fall in love with a piece, buy it, then a few months later feel like I’ve got nothing to wear. So, with the new things I bought I challenged myself to combine everything in creative ways to see how many outfits I could come up with. See below for the results. The ONLY thing I added is a black tank top that I already own. 

As you can see, there are TONS of combinations. And think of how many more combinations I could come up with just by using the other things already in my closet. I could multiply the possibilities just by adding things that everyone owns, like jeans or a white tank top. I didn’t even add shoes or accessories! Each of these looks can be dressed up or down by wearing flats or heels or dressy or casual jewelry. This little exercise has really inspired me to be more creative with my wardrobe and try to use the pieces I already have in new and fun ways.

How do you stretch your wardrobe?

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