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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Rituals in Under Five Minutes

You don’t have to spend hours grooming in order to take care of yourself. A few minutes here and there is all you need. Try out these tips—they can all be done in under five minutes!

Baby your skin: If you’re sitting on the couch watching television, grab a bottle of lotion and an eye cream. Gently pat the cream around your eye area and let it sink in. You could even put it in the fridge first to cool it off. Massage the lotion into your hands and feet. There’s never really a convenient time to put lotion on your feet—why not do it when you’re just sitting around?

Care for your nails: Have you ever noticed how unkempt your hands look when you haven’t done your nails? Keep a nail file and manicure stick in your purse and pull them out when you have a few minutes. You can push back your cuticles and shape your nails so that your hands don’t look so messy!

Trim your brows: Grab a brow comb and a small pair of scissors. Comb the hairs upward and trim the ones that reach above your brows. You can also brush them down and trim a little, but be careful not to trim too much and throw off your natural shape.

Dress yourself up: No need to buy a fancy outfit or spend hours on your hair or makeup. Pick out a few key accessories and put them on. This might not be a beauty ritual, but accessories will definitely help you look put together!

Try a messy updo: Use a paddle brush to gently backcomb your hair at the roots. Pin back your bangs and place your hair in a low ponytail or haphazardly pin your hair at the nape of your neck. Mist with hairspray. Super simple.

Got any quick beauty rituals to share?

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