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Monday, March 4, 2013

Adrianne’s February Birchbox

Because February means high profile events like major awards shows are upon us, Birchbox themed this month’s box around “red carpet worthy” products.

1. Lancôme BI-FACIL 

2. Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARES 

3. twistband™ Headband Collection 

4. Skin&Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel 

5. Color Club Fiesta Collection

1. Lancôme BI-FACIL: This eye makeup remover actually works great. It immediately dissolves and helps wipe away makeup. A full-size bottle of the product is $27—pretty steep for an eye makeup remover. This isn’t something I’d purchase. There are plenty of other makeup removers on the market that you can buy for much cheaper.  

2. Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARES: Sure, this little square of chocolate and caramel was delicious, but what was it doing in my Birchbox? I’ve received food samples in my Birchbox in the past and I’m not a fan—I think it would be fine if Birchbox included samples like this as an added bonus, but they should keep their focus on beauty products. 

3. twistband™ Headband Collection: This headband is make of a stretchy material and is designed to keep hair off your face. I have received two products from this line in the past (both hair ties). The good thing is that the material comes with no metal, so it won’t pull or tug at your hair. I tried wearing this while working out and found it kept my hair back for a while, but eventually slipped and I had to fix it. This isn’t something I’d purchase. 

4. Skin&Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel: I really didn’t like this body gel. Though the smell wasn’t too intense, it wasn’t pleasant. In addition to that, the gel seemed to make my skin feel dry after I stepped out of the shower. 

5. Color Club Fiesta Collection Nail Polish in Wild Cactus: If you follow the beauty and fashion world, you’ve probably heard that emerald is the 2013 Pantone color of the year. So when I received this Color Club polish in Wild Cactus (emerald), I was excited to try it. However, I have tried this brand of polish before and wasn’t too impressed. The color is very pretty, but not something I would wear all the time. This formula went one nice and smooth (not like the last Color Club product I tried), but it isn’t something I’d buy.  

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with the February Birchbox. I really didn’t see the connection between what I received and getting ready for a special event, let alone a red carpet. I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for more than a year. During that time I have found a few stellar beauty products. However, the majority of products have been just okay. In addition to that, there have been a lot of products—like chocolate, hair ties, laundry detergent and more—that are considered “lifestyle” samples. That’s not why I signed up for Birchbox. My desire was to find new makeup and skincare products. So, I decided to cancel my subscription. I’ll miss receiving a box full of surprises each month, but I wasn’t getting the return I had hoped for. I’ve always wanted to try Glossybox, so I purchased one for the month of March. I doubt I’ll sign up for an extended subscription because it’s fairly expensive ($20/month), but I’ve wanted to try it. Stay tuned for an update next month!

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