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Friday, September 21, 2012

Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm sad to see summer go. I'm never a fan of packing away my summer clothes, so one thing I try to do is pick a few of my favorite items and figure out ways that I can continue wearing them through fall.

If you need ideas on how to wear some of your summer wardrobe during the fall, check out these inspiration pictures:

Pinned Image

I wrote about my love for brightly colored pants here. Why stash them away during fall? Add a blazer and some neutral toned flats and you've got yourself a perfectly darling outfit that will keep you warm as the temps get chilly.

Pinned Image

There's never a need to pack away your tank tops. You can use tank tops to layer under sweaters or long sleeve shirts for added warmth, or you could make the tank top the focal point of your outfit by wearing it with a cardigan.

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Just add a scarf and boots. Go ahead and wear your skinny jeans and sleeveless shirts. When you add a pair of tall boots and a scarf, it instantly transforms your outfit and makes it scream fall. 

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Don't be afraid to wear your summer dresses -- just be sure to throw on a light coat like this trench.

Do you have ideas on how to extend your summer wardrobe into fall? Share them with us!

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