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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crazy Beauty Trends

Have you ever looked at someone’s hair, outfit or makeup and thought “what on earth were they thinking” only to see the next day that the craziness you saw is now a trend? Me too! I love all things beauty and fashion, but there are plenty of trends I don’t dare try because quite frankly, they’re terrible. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the beauty trends that make me cringe.

Pointy nails
Why would someone ever want their nails shaped like this? It’s impractical and it doesn’t even look good! Nails shaped like this are incredibly unnatural and I’m guessing the women who sport them have probably accidentally scratched themselves more times than they can count.

Pointy Stiletto Nails

Temporary lip tattoos
I suppose I can understand the theory behind this trend, because lipstick is the one product that needs more reapplication than any other. But aside from Halloween, why would you want your lips to look like this?

Fun Temporary lip tattoos

Too dark brows
If you’re going to fill in your brows, you should try to match the color that they are or go a shade or two lighter for a natural effect. I can forgive heavy dark brows seen on the runways because the intention is to be eye-catching and dramatic, but this is definitely not a trend you should copy.

//Dark Eyebrows
This poor girl.

Crazy nail art
I get it. People can do amazing art on their nails. Some of it is very cool and I can’t imagine how much skill and patience it takes to pull off, but this is --what's the word I'm looking for-- excessive, no, RIDICULOUS.

What the what....

“Caviar” lips
Playing off the “caviar” nail trend, this is one that makes me scratch my head. Sure, it’s cool in an editorial shoot, but it’s not something that’s practical or that would even look good if you’re just heading out for the night. How the heck are you supposed to eat or drink anything?

Caviar lips!
Have fun picking up the little pieces when they fall off!

Duck face
Okay, so this is not technically a beauty trend. But seriously though, are you guilty of making this face in pictures? If you're trying to look sexy, please avoid the urge to duck face. Just smile -- people find that much more attractive.

duck face
Say no to duck face, or get hit on by Donald.

What else would you add to this list?

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