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Monday, September 10, 2012

Amanda's August Birchbox

I got my August Birchbox later than normal and I was freaking out that it would never arrive (no, I'm not dramatic at all ...) and when it finally did, you better believe I did a happy dance at the mailbox in front of all of my neighbors.

This month it was a back to school edition themed box. I think I was spoiled the last few months because this month wasn't as exciting as I was hoping it would be. Le sigh. Perhaps I will be luckier next month. It is always fun not knowing what I will receive though and after I tried some of these products my poor attitude about this month turned around.

1. Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer

2. C.O. BIGELOW Mentha Lip Shine

3. Schick Hydro Silk Razor

4. Eye Rock Designer Liner

5. Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur

1. According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Nine times out of ten, moisturizers list water as one of their main ingredients. Juice Beauty’s oil-free hydrator is a standout exception to the rule. Their active-packed formula is made with a powerful base of organic juices so that every single drop feeds your skin. Full of antioxidants, it’s great for those with oily or blemish-prone skin since the lightweight formula won’t clog pores.

My review: I really liked this moisturizer. It was light but really hydrated my skin. I was shocked at how small the sample was though and would have liked to try more of the product. I LOVE that it's organic and filled with antioxidants. Most of the products we use tend to be the opposite and can have some pretty damaging effects on our skin.

2. According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Dry lips and sour breath rank pretty high on our no no list. C.O. BIGELOW's Mentha Lip Shine not only prevents and relieves dryness, but it sweetens breath, thanks to an infusion of natural peppermint oil. Throw in the shine factor and you’ve got our new best friend.

My review: I've actually purchased this lip shine prior to receiving it in my Birchbox and did really like the product. I was very happy to see it was the full size and not just a sample. The mint really is powerful which is great if you're a fan of that scent. I thought it was great to throw on in-between brushings to mask any breath issues.

3. According to the Birchbox Breakdown: The Schick Hydro Silk Razor is our latest Birchbox Find. Thanks to this innovative new razor, we’ll be showing off our legs all season long. It has a water-activated moisturizing serum that moisturizes for up to two hours after shaving. Plus, the five blades have skin guards that follow the natural contours of your body to smooth skin and help prevent irritation. The result: silky legs, every time.

My review: To me, as long as a razor does what it's supposed to do -- I'm sold. I usually don't use shaving cream (crazy, I know) so I really loved the moisturizing serum on this razor. I'm taking this one on vacation with me!

4. According to the Birchbox Breakdown: As much as we love winged liner, we’re not so crazy about how much effort it usually requires. Shaky wrists and runny liquid formulas conspire to drain our time and energy, which is why we’re glad we discovered these handy stick-on appliques. Each pack comes with four different designs, ranging from classic cat eyes to bold runway-inspired styles.

My review: Adrianne actually gave me some of these to try from one of her previous boxes. Although they feel a little funny, it was awesome not to have to worry about if my eyeliner was smudged or fading throughout the day. I've gotten better at applying winged liner but this makes it so much easier. Some of the samples were too wild to wear to work but would be fun for a night out.

5. According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Give your fragrance wardrobe an update with this new scent from Juicy Couture. A fresh update on the brand’s best-selling Viva La Juicy, the sheer perfume has the original’s fruity top notes combined with heady honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. Trust us, once you start wearing it you’ll have it in heavy rotation. It has plenty of eye candy appeal too: the keepsake glass bottle comes bedecked with a pink ribbon.

My review: I've always been a fan of Juicy Couture fragrances. They are light, fruity and super girly. I feel so pretty when I throw one of their scents on. Every time I wear this sample Jay says he loves the way I smell. SOLD! :)

As always if you’re interested in trying out Birchbox for yourself simply click here to sign up! Have any questions about the monthly service or any of the products I’ve reviewed? Just ask :)

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