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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make Your Eye Makeup and Lipstick Last

When it comes to a big event, I usually spend way too much time doing my makeup in order to make it look perfect. There have been times, unfortunately, that all that effort went to waste because my makeup creased, smudged or wore off halfway through the night. 

If this has happened to you and you’re looking for a way to make your makeup last through a whole night, try out our tips below.



Fading colors. Creased eyeshadows. Smeared mascara. Smudged eyeliner. Definitely not attractive. If your eye makeup suffers from any one of these, follow this advice for getting everything to stay put.

Your eye makeup staying in place all starts right after you wash your face. If you’re dousing your eyelids in moisturizer, don’t! If you experience dryness or fine lines around your eyes, by all means, use an eye cream before you go to bed. But, before applying makeup is not the time for it. Moisturizing this already oily area will cause your eye makeup to slide around. I would also avoid applying foundation to this area too. The less product you have on your eyelids to begin with, the better your results will be.

Start your eye makeup by using a primer. If you haven’t started using a primer, I really recommend spending the money on one. My favorites are Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Skin or Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original. Both of these work great and will really give your makeup something to hold onto.

Kat Von D - High Voltage Eye Primer

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube - Original

When you start applying color, you could begin with a cream base in the same color as the eyeshadow you plan to use. If this isn’t your cup of tea, just apply your eyeshadow.

If you are planning to wear a non-waterproof eye pencil, go over the line you draw with the same color eyeshadow.

If your mascara usually smudges, use a small eye detailer brush to pat some translucent powder just underneath your eyes.

Finish off your makeup with a very light dusting of translucent powder. Don’t brush the powder across your eyelids. Just gently dab some of the product over everything to set it all in place.


lips lips lips!

Lips are probably the one part of the face where makeup wears off most easily. Between talking, drinking and eating, your lips are constantly moving and it’s nearly impossible for lip products to last. And if you’ve chosen a bold color, it’s never attractive to sport that half worn-off, ring-around-the-mouth look. To help make your lip product last, you could wear a stain on your lips. But, if that’s not your thing and you’d rather wear lipstick, try this:

First, before applying any kind of lipstick, use a lip balm about 10 minutes prior to applying the product. When you’re ready to apply your lipstick, gently wipe off any excess lip balm. This will help ensure that your lips stay soft throughout the night.

Second, get your products together. You’ll need your lipstick, a lip brush, a translucent powder, some tissues and a fluffy powder brush.

Third, pull apart the tissue. And no, I don’t mean tear it in half, pull the halves apart so what you end up with is one ply. You could also do this with toilet paper.

Next, apply a coat of lipstick with your lip brush. Once you’ve finished, take the one ply tissue or toilet paper and lightly press it against your lips. Dip your fluffy brush into your powder and dab it on top of the tissue. I recommend pouring some of the powder onto another surface because you’ll be dipping your brush into the powder several times. 

When you remove the tissue from your lips, you should be able to see a light dusting of powder on your lips. Repeat this process a few times, and make sure to end with a coat of your lipstick and not a coat of powder. When you apply the coats, don’t cake it on or your end result will be too thick. If you’re a fan of lip liner (I’m not), you could always start by filling in your lips to help give your first coat of lipstick something to stick to.

Do you plan to try out any of these tips? If you do, let us know how they work for you in the comments!

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