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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair: Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Fishtail braids are all the rage in this summer heat. They look so much harder to do then they really are - I promise! Follow these simple steps and with some practice you can sport this look too.

1. Brush your hair to one side and make two equal sections of hair.

2. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the back section. Pull it over the top of the back section, and grasp it under the front section. Put simply: the strand of hair has gone over the back section and finishes under the front section.

3. Repeat Step 2 on the other side. Pull a skinny strand of hair from the outside of the front section, pull it over the front section, then weave it under the back section.

4 & 5. Keep alternating sides, weaving over and under, until you reach the bottom of the braid.

6. Secure with a hair tie or elastic.

7. Gently pull small sections of the braid to loosen it up for a more relaxed look.

And you're done! Told you it was easy.

Do you think you'll try this look? What are some other hairstyles you've been wanting to try for the summer?