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Thursday, January 31, 2013

They’re (Almost) Here: DD Creams

You’ve heard of BB (beauty or blemish balm) creams—those seemingly tinted moisturizers that pack a punch with major skin benefits. They can be used in lieu of a foundation or as a primer and go on flawlessly. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular.

You’ve heard of CC (color correcting) creams. While the BB cream really focuses on providing skincare benefits with a hint of color, the CC cream really strikes more of a balance between color and skincare.  

And now, the beauty world is getting ready to unveil DD creams. What! Yes, it’s true. DD, which stands for daily defense, is rumored to be a product that focuses more on the body and feet rather than the face. The cream is supposed to be very heavy duty in order to provide serious moisture for skin. 

Supposedly there are a few products already on the market—one intended to help heal cracked and dry feet and the other that has sunless tanning agents. Doesn’t seem like a continuation of the BB/CC trend, but more a marketing scheme to get people to buy. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the new DD creams differ from existing body products and what benefits they offer.

Have you tried BB or CC creams? Will you try a DD cream?

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