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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: H2O+ Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss

I hope you all had a fun and safe New Year celebration! Another great gift I received from my future mother-in-law this year was a huge basket of H2O+ products. I love the H2O+ line and was thrilled to get a ton more new products to try out. One of my favorites in the basket was the Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss. This stuff is amazing. 

I suffer from extremely dry skin in the winter. Even when I used a ton of expensive thick creams and lotions nothing really seemed to do the trick -- until now. This body gloss goes on like an oil but isn't sticky at all and makes my skin instantly smooth. I spray it on as soon as I get out of the shower and it dries instantly leaving me with silky smooth, great smelling, soft skin. 

I love the spray applicator on this product. It makes it so easy to apply and doesn't leave a mess. I've used baby oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil on my skin before, and while they are great hydrators, they all left a huge mess for me to clean up afterwards. Not something I want to deal with -- especially if I'm in a rush!

The scent of the body gloss is amazing. It reminds me of a day at the spa and isn't overwhelming at all. It gives a great glossy look to my skin -- I can't wait for the summer months so that I can show off my hydrated legs. 

Have you tried any of the H2O+ products before? What are your favorite products for battling dry skin? 

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