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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clinique Product Review: Part Two

If you didn’t get a chance to check out part one of my Clinique products review, click here. For this post, I’ll be reviewing two different concealers and a lip gloss. 

Clinique Airbrush Concealer
In my first review, I wrote about Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich eye cream. Part of the reason I bought the eye cream was to help treat fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. Since I’ve always had a problem with dark circles and it’s too soon to see results from the eye cream, I decided to purchase Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer.

The concealer comes in a tube with a brush affixed on the end for easy application. The product itself is a liquid intended to provide sheer coverage and soften lines and wrinkles and brighten any discoloration or shadows under the eyes. It comes in three shades—fair, medium and neutral fair. I purchased mine in shade neutral fair. 

To use the concealer, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the applicator until the product appears at the tip. Then, just brush it on underneath under the eyes. Since it’s an illuminator, it can also be used on other areas on the face that you want to brighten, like the sides of the nose. After applying, gently pat the product on the skin with your finger to blend. I use the product after applying my foundation and eye makeup.

So far, I’ve been happy with the results. It’s not a miracle product that completely erases all of my undereye darkness, but it does do a good job of brightening the area and providing some coverage. I look more awake when wearing the concealer. It also matches my skin perfectly. The liquid consistency is excellent and easy to blend, unlike some heavier cream concealers. 

One tube of product costs $19.50. Definitely worth it if you are looking for a sheer liquid undereye concealer. If you suffer from extreme dark circles or discoloration under your eyes, you might want to skip this one in favor of something that offers more coverage. 

Clinique Even Better Concealer
Yes, another concealer! I purchased this one to cover up blemishes and dark spots on my skin. I’ve been using Benefit’s Erase Paste for the past year or two and I’ve been pretty happy with the results, but I’ve noticed that the areas where I apply it look dry and/or flaky after hours of wear. So, I was looking for something to provide full coverage and work on my dry skin.

The concealer comes in 12 shades and can be purchased for $19.50. That may seem a little steep, but a little of the product goes a long way and it will last you a very long time.

To apply, you can either use a concealer brush to pat the product on the skin or your finger to dab it on. (I prefer using my finger—the warmth helps blend out the product.)

So far I’m on the fence with this one. The color I purchased, Buttermilk, is the perfect match for me and it does cover. However, the product is thick and a little difficult to blend. Clinique also claims that the concealer has a brightening effect, but I’ve not noticed this. 

Some of the customers who posted reviews about the product on Clinique’s site say that they use the product for undereye circles. I can’t image using this concealer for that purpose! I assume because of the consistency that it would accentuate any fine lines. And, because I found it hard to blend I wouldn’t want to use it on the delicate skin under my eyes.

The bottom line is that the concealer does work in terms of covering blemishes—you may just have to spend some extra time blending.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss
I discovered Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear through a sample from Sephora. When my sample ran out, I knew I had to get my hands on the full-size product. The gloss comes in 18 shades; three are non-shimmery. It’s $15 for one tube—not too bad considering how long it will last. 

I purchased the color Air Kiss, which Clinique describes as a midtone pink with gold shimmer. I would actually classify it as more of a very faint peach. The color is very neutral and provides a subtle hint of color and high shine to the lips. I really think it’s one of those rare universal colors that will look good on anyone with any kind of skin tone. It looks good with any type of makeup I choose to wear. And, you don’t have to wear the gloss alone. It can be layered over a lipstick or lip liner to add a layer of shine. 

Clinique claims that the gloss will last for eight hours. Though I haven’t experienced wear that long, the gloss does stay on quite a while. It will come off when eating or drinking or after a few hours, but overall I’m happy with the results. It’s a little bit sticky, but that stickiness helps the gloss stay on. I’ve found with other sticky glosses that they tend to dry out my lips, but this gloss does nothing of the sort. It’s also very thick. Some people may not like that, but I do like a thick coat of gloss on my lips. 

As you can probably tell, I’m hooked on this gloss and am really looking forward to trying it in a few other colors!

Are you a Clinique fan? What are your favorite products?

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