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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: OCC Lip Tar

If you follow trends in the beauty world, you’ve likely heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and their revolutionary Lip Tar. I admit, it’s a product I’ve been lusting after for quite a while. I finally got my hands on one of their 40 colors. Believe me, it was no easy feat to pick out just one. 

OCC Lip Tars are designed to be lipstick in a squeeze tube. The product combines all the best parts of a lipstick and gloss—the longevity and saturation of a lipstick and the creamy smooth texture of a gloss. Each Lip Tar comes in a cute little zip package with a miniature precision lip brush to apply the product. Super convenient!

The product is made with hemp and peppermint oils and vitamin E. Another great thing is that it’s vegan AND cruelty-free. 

I purchased my lip tar in the color Femme, which is described as a true baby pink. The instructions say to “apply the tiniest bead of Lip Tar.” They aren’t kidding. The first time I tried the product on I used way too much (even though I didn’t think I was using that much) and my lips looked like they were an opaque electric pink! I’ve now learned that really all you need is a drop about the size of a pinhead. No joke. Once I figured out exactly how much to use, I was really happy with how the Lip Tar looked on me. 

(Left: blended, Right: not blended)

Though the Lip Tar is thick and creamy, it doesn’t look or feel heavy. It provides a nice moisturizing look to the lips. The only negative I found is that the product seems to settle into lip lines. But, that’s easily remedied by putting a clear gloss over the top. In fact, OCC does make a clear gloss that I might have to check out. 

When I purchased the product I thought $16 was a little steep for the amount you get in the tube, but I now know that this tube would last months and months even if I used it every day. I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the other colors in the line.

Have you tried any of the OCC Lip Tars yet? What’d you think? 

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