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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blend your way healthy!

I try to eat a pretty healthy diet, but when it comes to searching on the Internet for tips and help on what and how much to eat, it can be pretty intimidating. There’s way too much information out there. The advice that’s consistent no matter where you look is to eat several servings of fruit and vegetables every day. 

So, my answer? Smoothies. What can be easier than throwing all those fruits and veggies in a blender and drinking them? 

I started making smoothies for breakfast in an effort to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. It was difficult for me to incorporate two to three servings of each of those every day. That’s just a lot of food! So, in order to help myself along I’ve been drinking a smoothie every day.

The great part about adding smoothies into your diet is that the options are endless. There are tons of combinations so it’s not easy to get bored. Plus, it’s something you can start doing without having a lot of know-how or following strict recipes. Sure, you can search for smoothie recipes, but you really don’t need to. Just pick a few things you like and try them together. 

I typically pick two to three different fruits and blend them with a small amount orange juice. I’m a little less adventurous with the veggies, but I do include a handful of spinach in every smoothie. Other veggies I really like incorporating are carrots and cucumbers. If you’re afraid of your smoothie tasting too bitter, I definitely recommend starting off with the veggies I mentioned. If you’re making a fruit smoothie, spinach won’t affect the taste (I promise!) and carrots/cucumbers only add sweetness. If you use carrots, chop them very finely. Also, you could add an extra boost like flax seeds or a supplement like protein powder to any smoothie.

Here are a few combinations that I like:
  • Mango – peach – kiwi 
  • Apple – cucumber 
  • Strawberry – banana – blueberry 
  • Banana – pineapple 
  • Cucumber – Asian pear 
(And don’t forget the spinach!)

How do you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet?

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