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Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Beauty Tutorial: Top Knot

I'm sure you've seen plenty of people sporting the top knot look with this summer heat. It's easier than it looks to recreate and we've got a tutorial for you so you can wear this hot trend too. All you need is a brush, two hair ties and about 5 minutes.

1. Gather all of your hair in a high ponytail and smooth out all the bumps.

2&3. Bend forward and start twisting your hair counterclockwise from the base all the way to the tip

4&5. Take the twisted ponytail and wrap it counterclockwise into a bun

6. Secure with another hair tie and you’re set!

Would you rock this easy summer look?


  1. Cute! Would that work on my hair? :-)

    1. It might! I just cut my hair shorter and it still works. We can try it next time I see you :)