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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Health & Fitness: Foam Rolling

I recently purchased a foam roller to use at home and I have no idea how I ever survived without it. I had used it here or there when I still had my gym membership but didn't use it consistently. I now use it every single night before I head to bed. Haven't heard of a foam roller before? Listen up, your life is about to change.

There are SO many benefits of foam rolling. Taking the time to unwind after sitting at a desk all day or relieving your  muscles after a hard workout is so important. Foam rolling helps relieve tension buildup in your back and shoulders (my favorite thing to work out on my foam roller), prevents your muscles from getting too tight after an intense workout and can help with flexibility. Runners out there: foam rolling really helps with IT band tightness and you can prevent so many running and exercise related injuries if you take the time to foam roll.
It may seem really silly at first (and it will probably hurt) but it is so worth the effort. I can't tell you how much stress and tension relief I've gotten with mine -- it's like a massage that you can get whenever you want and you can control how long you stay on what body part and how much pressure you apply. Nothing is greater than that!

Check out some of my favorite ways to use a foam roller on This will help you get the basics down and you can go from there.
Have you tried foam rolling before? What is your favorite way to prevent injuries?

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  1. Foam Rolling its a deferent type of exercise. I can do like this. Thanks for this foam rolling idea..