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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GlamGlow Face Masks: Part One

I recently got my hands on a few samples from GlamGlow, a relatively new brand based in Hollywood. For this first post I’ll review the SuperMud Clearing Treatment. (Stay tuned for my review of the Youth-Mud Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask.)

The SuperMud Clearing Treatment is designed to do a variety of things: heal and prevent blemishes, target problem areas and fight other common skin problems like whiteheads, blackheads, discoloration, razor bumps, in-grown hairs and more. The product also claims to come with PoreMatrix, which is intended to help encourage dirt and oil to be extracted from pores.

I tried two samples of this product. Each time I removed my makeup and thoroughly washed my face. I then applied a layer all over my face (avoiding my eye area). The directions say that you can wait 10, 15 or 20 minutes before washing off the mask. After 10 minutes, the mask completely dried on my face and was so tight that I chose not to leave it on any longer. Just a warning—your face is going to feel like you can’t move it. When the mask is totally dry, you’ll notice that it really accentuates your pores (just what every girl wants). Because the mask dried and really adhered to my skin, I patted my face with water before massaging the mask and washing it off. I had to rinse my face several times before the mask entirely came off.

I was really happy with the results! After both uses, my skin felt incredibly soft and I did notice that my breakouts started to heal the day after I used the mask for the first time. I found the product really easy-to-use and although I’m unable to currently test the long-term effects of the product, I can certainly attest to the effectiveness of the immediate results. I didn’t test the product on razor bumps or in-grown hairs, so I can’t say whether the products claim that it helps those is true. Also, one of the cool things about this mask is that you really don’t have to use it as a mask at all. The product can be used as a spot treatment to target certain areas of breakouts or problem skin. 

Now for the only downside I see with this product: the price tag. It’s $69 for a 1.2 ounce jar. Each sample packet I used was 0.07 ounces and that was the perfect amount to cover my entire face. If you do the math, that’s about 17 uses (probably many more if you’re only using it as a spot treatment). If you’re not prone to breakouts, blackheads/whiteheads or patches of oily skin, you may not want to spend the money on such a targeted treatment. If you do regularly experience these types of skin problems, a mask like this is probably worth investing in!

Let us know—do you regularly use face masks? 

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