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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aromatherapy: Natural Remedies to Fix Life's Ailments

My future sister-in-law Jill saved my life when we were on vacation and I had a terrible migraine. It also happened to be my birthday that day and I was in no mood to have a headache damper our fun! She pulled out some organic peppermint oil and told me to rub some into my temples, chest and wrists and to breath deep. I figured it was worth a shot and bam! less than 10 minutes later I was back in action. I couldn't believe how well the stuff worked and loved that I didn't have to take any medication to cure it.

For Christmas last year, she gifted me with some peppermint oil of my own as well as lavender for stress and Earth Goddess for balance. She purchased the Ananda Apothecary essential oils brand and I've loved the results. I'm a huge believer in natural remedies and try to avoid medication if I can - these oils are great for that!

As I mentioned above, peppermint oil is amazing for headaches. I haven't had to test this theory yet but apparently it also works wonders for motion sickness and general nausea for some people. How cool is that?
According to the Anada Apothecary website, lavender is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, is balancing, relieves pain, is calming and relaxing. I can say from personal experience that the lavender does help me relax and de-stress. I've been putting it on my wrists before work each morning and it's really helped me stay calm when my schedule gets crazy.

The Earth Goddess oil is said to also help when life gets a little chaotic. "A grounding blend to balance 'ether' and 'air' energy when things feel like they are moving a little fast." Perfect for my busy work schedule and hectic wedding planning!

If you're looking for ways to naturally cure your ailments I highly suggest looking into essential oils. There are so many others out there that I can't wait to try.

Have you tried aromatherapy before? Do you have other natural ways to cure life's problems?

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