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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Remington Ionic Protective Hot Rollers

I'm always looking for new ways to add volume to my hair. One way that I love is adding hot rollers to my hair. I own two sets of hot rollers that I'm not crazy about. The rollers are either too big, the clips don't hold or they just don't work.

I recently purchased the Remington Ionic Protective Hot Roller set. The set comes with 20 rollers in three different sizes with clips. The three different size rollers are color-coded with the various clips. Each roller is coated in velvet to help prevent damage to hair. The rollers come with "cool touch" ends that are designed not to burn fingers. 

Overall I am happy with the results. Here's the good stuff:
  • Three different sized rollers
  • Rollers heat up quickly
  • Leaves great looking curls
  • Provides lots of volume for hair
  • Velvet rollers don't damage hair
  • Rollers are lightweight
My favorite thing is how lightweight the rollers are. Because I have thin and fine hair, heavy rollers don't stay in my hair and the weight tends to make them sag--then the curls don't come out nicely. I had no trouble with that.

The rollers also heat up very quickly--within three minutes. The rollers come in three different sizes to accommodate various hair lengths. I love this since I have some shorter layers on the back of my head that won't wind up in larger rollers.

Some might argue that velvet rollers don't get as hot as a curling or flat iron would and therefore don't produce great curls, but it certainly does feel like the velvet protects my hair from the heat. But, the first time I tried the roller set I was amazed at how great the curls looked after removing the rollers. My hair was bouncy and full of volume and stayed that way nearly the entire day. There's nothing worse than clamping down on your hair with a metal curling iron and hearing a little sizzling sound because the iron is too hot! I try to do a lot to protect my hair, and velvet rollers seem like the way to go for me.

And, the not-so-good stuff:
  • The rollers get too hot to handle
  • Clips can fall out of your hair
Remington claims that the rollers have "cool touch" ends, which are supposed to stay at a safe temperature while you roll them in your hair. This just isn't the case. The end of the roller that sits on the base gets extremely hot--so much so that I felt like I burned my fingertips. I would definitely recommend using a pair of heat safe gloves with this set.

Aside from how hot the rollers get, I'm not terribly impressed with the clips that are provided. They are made of plastic, but they don't expand or contract to provide a snug fit around the roller. They don't leave creases in your hair like some clips do, which is good, but they also don't hold securely unless you put a certain amount of hair around the roller. If you don't wind enough hair in the roller, it's going to fall out.

Have you tried the Remington Ionic Protective Hot Roller set? What's your favorite roller set?

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