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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amanda's December Birchbox

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday festivities! I'm in full detox mode from all the fun I had over the past few days. 

When I received my December Birchbox I was happy to see bigger samples and another theBalm product. I loved the last product I received from the brand and was very happy to get another sample. What I got this month: 

1. theBalm cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow and Blush All-in-One

According to the Birchbox Breakdown: We’ve never been satisfied with basic blushes. Too often, they look amazing in the compact but leave behind flat streaks of color. Not so with this peachy pink powder, which has a subtle infusion of golden shimmer to give off a 3-D effect. It also works as a shadow and highlighter, letting you achieve pinup-worthy results with just one product. And did we mention that the cute mirror compact will look right at home in your purse?

My Review: I love this blush. I've been using it every day since I received it and am thrilled with the product. The color is perfect -- a light peach color that's perfect for my skin tone. It stays on all day and I never have to reapply. I've once again been impressed by this brand.

2. 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment 

According to the Birchbox Breakdown: The hair experts over at 12 Benefits™ tell us that healthy hair gets its strength and shine from a combination of natural proteins and lipids (who knew?). When you subject your hair to too much chemical processing or heat styling, it tends to lose these precious compounds. Thankfully, this leave-in conditioning mist delivers a host of benefits to dry, parched hair—from boosting the vibrancy of your existing color to preventing future damage.

My Review: I liked this hair treatment but wasn't totally blown away. I was really impressed with the size of the sample. My hair felt smooth and silky after using it. I do like that the product uses natural proteins and lipids instead of tons of chemicals. However, I've used better hair treatments so I will not be purchasing it once my sample runs out. 

3. Emily's Chocolates Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies 

According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Everyone knows that the best part of Chinese takeout is the fortune cookies, so it’s about time these treats received the royal treatment. Seasonal flavors (think peppermint and gingerbread) as well as classic vanilla get a coating of milk, white, and dark chocolate for a sinfully good update to the original.

My Review: I think this is a cute twist to the original. I unfortunately couldn't try the product out but the packaging was very cute. 6 cookies come in the full size container (which is a cute Chinese food takeout box). This would be a cute gift to give to a neighbor or friend. 

4. Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid 

According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Unless you’re still in high school, it’s never too soon to start an anti-aging regimen. Already on top of it? Kudos. If not, well, let’s start with the basics: a fantastic moisturizer that goes beyond hydration. Sampar’s Ultra Hydrating Fluid keeps skin supple with marathon moisture, while also replenishing skin with protective antioxidants and fatty acids. We love the formula’s lightweight, fast-absorbing feel.

My Review: This was another larger sample that I was excited to try. I've been really noticing the fine lines in my skin as I've been getting older. I haven't noticed a big difference in my skin since beginning using it but usually these products take time. 

5. Fresh Citron de Vigne Rollerball 

According to the Birchbox Breakdown: Every time we walk by fresh’s chic Soho outpost a bit south of our offices, we can’t help stepping inside. Beyond the adorable window displays, the subtle scent of bright lemons and irresistible champagne draws us in without fail. Inspired by France’s Champagne vineyards, the bubbly mix comes courtesy of fresh’s own Citron de Vigne fragrance. Thankfully, the experts at fresh wised up and bottled the scent for their happy customers to take home (otherwise, we were considering moving in).

My Review: I really liked the light fresh scent of this product. It wasn't overpowering at all and was just the right amount of scent. It would be a great everyday product to wear if you're looking for a more natural smell. I really was impressed with the size of the sample and am happy I have a lot left to wear.

What do you think of what I got in this Birchbox? We hope you all are enjoying your holidays! 

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