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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Her


1. Sephora Prestige Luxe Brush Set - $125 - I'm always in need of new brushes and this set has all of the necessities.
2. Minnetonka Cally Slipper from Urban Outfitters - $38 - It's freezing on our tile floors -- these slippers would be perfect for walking around the house.
3. Staring at Stars Foil Boucle Eternity Scarf from Urban Outfitters - $34 - How cute is this scarf? I own so many that I've lost count but this one is very different from all the ones in my collection.
4. Mark Jacobs Pouch in Rose Gold from Target - $69.99 - This bag would be perfect for a night out.
5. Pink Champagne Glass Drop Earrings from Etsy - $27.50 - I love glass drop earrings and this color is perfection.
6. True Love Ring from Etsy - $27.50 - This ring is so adorable.
7. Wool-Angora Gittens from J. Crew - $22.50 - Texting with gloves are always a challenge. The solution? These Glittens!
8. LC Lauren Conrad Lurex Heart Sweater - on sale! $19.99 - I've been eyeing this sweater forever and it's finally on sale! I love the hearts :)
9. In Bloom by Jonquil 'Flirty' Pleated Camisole $ Shorts Set - $60 - Cute pajama sets are always a great gift.
10. Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch - 129.99 - For the active woman in your life, this running watch is perfect!

Do you have any gift ideas for her that you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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