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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trend We're Loving: High-Low Dresses and Skirts

I've been seeing this high-low skirt and dress trend everywhere lately. Adrianne and I refer to this as the "mullet" look and both love it. I think it's a great way to show off your legs without being too revealing. A lot of times I will love a dress or a skirt but the back is way too short for my taste. This trend is the perfect solution to this problem!


I know a lot of trends tend to be hot for a while and then burn out quick but I personally hope this one sticks around for a while - I love this look!

We purchased these skirts at Forever 21 a while back and love the dramatic effect they have without weighing us down.

I also purchased an off white high-low dress that I'm planning on wearing to my engagement party this weekend. I can't wait!

What do you think about this trend? Do you own any high-low skirts or dresses?


  1. I'm hopping over here from Amanda's other blog... LOVE this trend as well. I had someone call my dress a "mullet dress" too lol. I have two of them and I'm obsessed. I feel a little more risque wearing them by showing off some leg in the front, but then being classy in the back. I have a casual one for summer and a dressier one that a wear with a blazer and sometimes tights in the fall! love love love

    Amanda @ Pretty Little Things

    1. Amanda!

      So glad you visited from my other blog :) I can't get enough of this trend. I really hope it sticks around for a while. I too love to show off some leg but feel better when the back of my legs are covered up.