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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Benefit High Beam Review

Typically during the week my makeup routine is quick and light due to the fact that I am not a morning person (at all) and I have to leave my house way too early to get to work on time. One staple in my beauty routine for both daytime and nighttime looks is Benefit's High Beam. I use this as a primer for my eyeshadow and also as a highlighter for my cheekbones.

This stuff is amazing. When I first purchased it I wasn't sure if it would live up to all the hype I had heard about it. The bottle was also intimidating because it looked like nail polish and even has an applicator brush similar to what you would find in a typical bottle. I didn't think it was big enough for the price tag it has but I bit the bullet and tried it anyways.

First of all - the hype is totally spot on. It makes me look like I'm glowing when I wear it and it lasts all day. And the small bottle? Very deceiving. I thought for sure I would run out right away but I've had this stuff for almost a year now and have yet to go through an entire bottle.

I just dab a little on my eyelids and cheekbones and lightly blend into my skin. I sometimes go sans eyeshadow with this product and still feel done up. It's such a simple quick addition to my beauty routine that takes virtually no effort.

If you're looking for something to amp up your typical look without having to spend a ton of time you should check this stuff out.

Do you use a similar product for primer and a highlighter? What are your simple makeup tricks?

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