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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is a new product designed to illuminate, even skin tone and moisturize for 12 straight hours. 

On The Body Shop website, the BB cream got mixed reviews—some love it, some hate it. Some complaints include that the cream is too thick and it made the skin look blotchy. Other reviews say that the BB cream is in fact lightweight, goes on smoothly, has nice color and hydrates.

My review is also mixed. The product is very creamy, is easy to apply and goes on very smoothly. I typically use my fingers to massage the product into my skin. Once applied, it does provide my skin with a really nice tone and hides any unevenness. 

One of my complaints is about the color—and this is also a complaint about BB creams in general. Since the creams only come in limited shades, it’s just not possible that it will work for anyone. Even the creams that claim they’ll adjust never look completely like your own skin. The Body Shop BB Cream blends easily, but only comes in one color and is a tad orange on me. In addition, the BB cream doesn’t hide blemishes very well. It will even tone, but it won’t hide all imperfections.

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is available at The Body Shop for $22. 

Have you tried any makeup products from The Body Shop?

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