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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Adrianne’s May Glossybox

May’s box celebrates Glossybox’s first birthday (in the U.S.). The products embrace the company’s past and future and give a special hat tip to NYC—home of Glossybox.

1. AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact

2. être belle Collagent & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask

3. European Wax Center: The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Wash

4. My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer

5. Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick

6. Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

1. AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact: I was a little confused when I opened this little pot. Inside was a sponge soaked in foundation—I had never seen that before. The formula is designed to provide SPF protection, hydration and total coverage for skin. It’s a little difficult to accurately review this one because the color I received didn’t match my skin tone. It was a little too dark and looked a little orange. I opted not to use the sponge and tried both using my fingers and a foundation brush. Though the color was off, the product felt nice and light on my skin and blended well. However, at $60 per pot, it’s not something I’d consider purchasing.

2. être belle Collagent & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask: This mask was a really special treat! The collagen and aloe formula is supposed to improve elasticity and promote hydration. The formula is soaked in the cloth mask. All you need to do is unfold the mask and place it over your face. I made sure to wash my face and remove all my makeup beforehand. Wow! This mask was great. I did as recommended and used it before bed one night. It was a nice treat to lie in bed and relax with this mask on my face. It felt cool and calming. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes. After removing, my skin felt really soft and extremely hydrated. This mask is perfect for my dry skin. For 10 masks, it’s $39.50. 

3. European Wax Center: The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Wash: Every so often I’ll receive samples that are difficult to review. I received two packets—1) The Exfoliate: designed to refine and polish skin and 2) Slow It Body Wash: designed to prevent ingrown hair, clear and hydrate skin and deter bumps and blemishes. I wasn’t able to detect any kind of benefit from either of these samples. But, it could be that these products take a few uses to show results.  

4. My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer: Not only is this product a moisturizer, it also acts as a primer. It’s lightweight, designed to hydrate yet mattify skin and provides anti-aging benefits. Though I can’t attest to the anti-aging benefits, this moisturizer goes on smoothly and melts into the skin. Once applied, it feels like nothing is there. I was shocked at how well it whisked away any shine on my skin. At $68 for the full size product it’s quite steep, but might be worth it if you struggle with oily/combination skin or during the summer months.

5. Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick: This was probably the most pleasant surprise in this month’s Glossybox. When I saw a solid perfume stick, I didn’t have high hopes for it. I had never used a solid perfume, nor did I ever consider it. But, it smells fantastic. It has a very subtle floral sweet scent. The stick lets you control just how much product you apply. The product is white, but goes on completely clear and doesn’t leave behind any residue. Just make sure you store this in a temperature controlled location—if the product gets too warm it will come off very goopy. (It just then requires you to work it into your skin a bit more.) I didn’t think I’d ever be into solid perfume, but this one has changed my mind. And at $14.99 for the full size, I'd absolutely consider purchasing this product. 

6. Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray: I have tried hairspray from the Sebastian line, but never a volumizing formula. The product is a spray gel that is best used applied to damp hair. Since my hair is already straight, I don’t always take the time to brush through it as I use my hair dryer. I noticed that the gel tends to stiffen up without brushing. The extra effort is definitely worth it—I noticed that my hair had more body and movement.

Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday!

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