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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amanda's April Birchbox

Adrianne had told me about how awesome it was to receive new product samples in the mail each month and shared an amazing secret with me: Birchbox. It's only $10 a month and you get 5 amazing samples delivered straight to your doorstep. How amazing is that?

They just came out with one for men. I'm not sure I could imagine Jay getting as excited as I do when I see the "you're Birchbox has shipped" email or running out to the mailbox to see if his Birchbox had arrived each month - but the concept is a good idea.

My first one arrived and I was beyond excited. I tore open the box like it was full of the most delicious food or there was a million dollars inside. I instantly texted Adrianne to tell her what I got an was shocked to hear she received completely different products. We were afraid that we would get the same things each month since we are so similar but so far they haven't disappointed us.

I was surprised to see the variety I received and was excited to try them out. Here's what I got that month:

1. June Jacobs - Perfect Pumpkin Enzyme Polish 
2. Befine - Exfoliating Cleanser and Daily Moisturizer with SPF
3. Viva La Juicy Perfume Sample, 4. Show Stoppers Double Sided Tape and 5. Color Club Nail Polish in Age of Aquarius

1. I was happy that there was a broad range of products to try. The June Jacobs enzyme polish was amazing. It smelled exactly like pumpkin pie and had little micro scrubbers that were great for exfoliation. The smell was enough to win me over immediately but my face felt great after using it too. I will be sad when this sample runs out!

2. Holy disappointment. I was excited to try some food skin care products and loved the smell when I opened them. The lotion felt really slimy though and I wasn't sure why. Fast forward a few days later and I received an email from Birchbox saying that some of the Befine samples were past their expiration date and to double check mine before continued use. Sure enough they had expired ... in 2009!! Birchbox was amazing about it though and gave me 100 bonus points (100 = $10 worth of products in their store) to make up for the mishap. I don't hold it against them at all - I'm really glad that they realized there was an issue and alerted their customers about it and took immediate action. Darn you Befine! I so wanted to love your products ... sigh.

3. I would have never picked out this perfume in the store but the second I tried the sample I was in love. It's light and refreshing and even Jay commented that he liked the way I smelled when I was wearing it (guys never notice this so it was a huge plus!) I would consider buying a full sized bottle in the future if I need a new scent.

4. I don't have the wardrobe of celebrities (or strippers) to need double sided tape very often so I don't have a review for this one yet. I promise to update you when I do though!

5. This nail polish was awesome and came at the right time. I was wanting to try some mint or aqua nail polish for the spring/summer and when I got this sample I was so excited! The best part? It actually stayed on. I painted my nails and toes immediately after getting it (about a month ago) and it's still on my feet. I need to take it off soon but it's really lasted without many chips. Usually my pedicures only last a few weeks so this was a great surprise.

That's it for this month! Stay tuned for Adrianne's April Birchbox review!

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