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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Accessories On the Cheap

I never put much effort into accessorizing, but I’ve realized in the past few years how much the right accessories can take an outfit from looking good to looking great.

Problem: sometimes accessories can turn into a big expense. Personally, if I’m going to invest my money I’d rather it be on a good pair of shoes. So in order to compromise, I’ve made it a point to only buy jewelry and other accessories when I can find them for dirt cheap.

That’s where Forever 21 comes in. Quick story. Once I was in Forever 21 looking at a top. That’s when a much younger girl came up and looked at the same exact top. She then turned to her friend and said “isn’t this a cute dress?!?!” That’s when I realized – I am getting old. Yes, sometimes it feels ridiculous to shop in a store where 15-year-olds girls run amok, but have you checked out the accessories section? Great deals on very chic jewelry.

Here are a few things I got on a recent trip:

How much do you think these six pairs of earrings cost? If you said $12, you would be absolutely correct.

What are your go-to places for finding cheap and trendy accessories?


  1. charming charlies is a good place, too! but it's not as cheap as f21 :) excited about your new site!!

    1. Absolutely agree -- I love CC! Thanks for checking out the site!